The initial visit to the site provides the basic requirements for project documentation. We identify your project's scope, and note the existing topography and site features, location of telephone & power sources and identify any areas of concern. We coordinate our observations with your land surveyor, power and telephone consultants and RF engineer.
After receipt of the land surveyor's drawings, we develop a design package including Title Page and Project Data, Civil Survey, Site Layout Plans and Site Elevations. For a typical raw land site, we can deliver a 90% set of documents for your review within 72 hours. We can usually finalize your red marks and be ready to print within 48 hours.
Once planning approval is obtained, we produce 90% construction documents with a delivery schedule similar to the zoning and planning phase. Incorporating specifications from other consultants, such as soils engineering, tower engineering others, we develop the construction documents and submit them you for final review and approval.
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